London designer Alexander Taylor is launching an online platform called ATID that will sell technical apparel made from biomaterials and leftover inventory. Over two years in the making, ATID is a new website from design and innovation studio Alexander Taylor where the brand will present its sustainability-led material concepts and products. The online platform, which launches on 4 August 2020, will start by selling a series of introductory garments made from biomaterials and unused fabrics – deadstock –taken from outdoor garment factory KTC . Tired of the "endless production to feed the consumer world", Taylor decided to do away with the traditional seasons of the fashion industry. Instead, ATID will have families of products produced in the time slots that are made available to them in the KTC factory. "The idea of seasons within fashion generates huge amounts of waste, due to deadlines and ‘consumer’ demands, unsold inventory and the endless creation of new textiles," Taylor told Dezeen. ATID will work exclusively with waste materials that have been leftover as unsold garments from KTC’s other brands, where possible, as well as biomaterials such as AlgiKnit – a material comprised of yarns and fibres made from macroalgae. "So often we […]


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