Jamie Margolin’s book is a useful how-to for budding activists In my work as a climate activist, I meet many adults living or working with children who suffer from eco-anxiety, as well as kids of all ages eager to help build a better world. This is why I eagerly anticipated Jamie Margolin’s new book, Youth to Power: Your Voice and How to Use It (June, 2020). I wished for an inspiring how-to guide written by a teen that I could recommend to kids and the adults who care about them. I also wanted a book like this for my own children, 20 and 24, who, as we careen into the 2020 election during a pandemic, fear that U.S. political dysfunction will destroy democracy, freedom, and the natural world that supports their lives. “I know we’ve got to change everything,” my 20-year-old said recently. “I’m just not sure where to begin right now.” Four years ago, Jamie Margolin felt the same way. “I was an insecure fourteen-year-old, worried and scared about the state of the world, with no clue how to get started,” she writes in the introduction to her book. Margolin grew up watching climate documentaries and writes that […]


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