Do you need a new car? Are you considering choosing an electric vehicle over a gas-powered car? It’s one of the most impactful environmental decisions you will make in your life — in fact, Americans buy an average of 9.4 vehicles during their lives. You have plenty of chances to make the right choice for the planet, so let’s dig into the trade-offs that make an EV the better choice. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out which of the many choices you face is the most environmentally responsible. There are so many angles and trade-offs to consider that even a well-researched decision can feel like a leap of faith. For example, replacing your classic muscle car with an electric vehicle is clearly a green choice. On the other hand, buying an electric vehicle so you can quit taking the bus is not. But what kind of impact does replacing your newish compact car with a zero-emissions vehicle have? When it comes to whether and what kind of car to buy, the right answer may be different for everyone. Here’s what you need to know to make your own greenest choice. The Carbon Footprint of a Car Every step in […]


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