Building back greener could create millions of jobs and trillions in economic opportunity, the World Economic Forum says By Laurie Goering LONDON, July 15 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – In recent decades, Costa Rica has doubled its forest cover while tripling the size of its economy – an example of how better protecting nature can create jobs rather than curb them, the Central American country’s environment minister said Wednesday. "Restoring nature is not a burden to economic development," said Carlos Manuel Rodriguez during an online event organised by the World Economic Forum (WEF), famed for its high-powered annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland. If similar shifts – from adopting smarter farming to slashing fossil fuel subsidies and rethinking urban land use – happened globally, they could create 395 million jobs and $10 trillion in new business opportunities by 2030, WEF officials said. But creating the changes would cost some $2.7 trillion in investment – about equal to U.S. stimulus spending announced in March to combat the impact of the new coronavirus, according to a new WEF report on the economic benefits of protecting nature . "It seems huge but … COVID has shown us that, as humanity, we are capable of […]


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