Bee abundance was highest in lawns mowed every two weeks, researchers report. (Photo: Irina Kozorog/Shutterstock) There’s no shame in an unmowed lawn. Not only can wild yards and gardens look better than commonly believed, but cutting back on cutting grass can save significant time, energy and money. According to a new study, it could even help save bees. Led by ecologist Susannah Lerman at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and the U.S. Forest Service, the study examined how homeowners can boost bee habitat with their lawn-care habits. Mowing every other week seems to be the sweet spot. “We found that backyards can be a surprisingly beneficial habitat for bees,” Lerman says in a statement . “Mowing less frequently is practical, economical and a time-saving alternative to replacing lawns or even planting pollinator gardens.” Flower Power Mowed lawns cost time and money to maintain, and may limit local biodiversity. (Photo: Gyvafoto/Shutterstock) Why would bees care how often we cut our grass? By mowing every two weeks instead of weekly, we allow more blooming of “weed” flowers like clover and dandelions, thus providing more foraging habitat for local bees. Habitat loss is an increasingly dire problem for many bees and other […]


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