Tesla is now bigger than Exxon. BlackRock has taken over Wall Street. Even unprofitable, Uber and Lyft are threatening to overtake the $1-trillion auto industry and they’ve only scratched the surface. Now, the worldwide $2-trillion auto industry is next in line for disruption. This is the Fourth Industrial Revolution–kicked into high-speed gear by a global pandemic. And it’s all about tech-driven freedom. For the auto industry, in particular, it’s a double threat: Tesla is now the most valuable car maker “ of all time ”. And with combined market caps of some $70 billion, Uber and Lyft are also severely disrupting the giant auto industry. Tesla is worth almost $225 billion (or quarter of a trillion dollars), while the top three American automakers –GM, Ford and Chrysler–are worth around $70 billion–the same as Uber and Lyft. But while Tesla’s EV threat to the industry is clear, the ride-sharing giants’ business models are broken. Now, they may be about to find themselves on the wrong end of the disruption. The newest threat to Uber, Lyft and the trillion-dollar personal ownership auto industry comes out of Canada’s “Silicon Valley”. It’s on the right side of history: In lock-step with Tesla’s EVs […]


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