Lannie and Ralph Keller sit in the forest in Lot 302 on Read Island that was saved from being clearcut by their tiny coastal community. Photo: Rochelle Baker It’s a thoroughly unromantic name. Lot 302. Yet the 20-acre parcel of timber symbolizes the achievement and ongoing battle by a tiny coastal community to protect as much mature forest as they can on their remote B.C. island. “We just couldn’t bear to see yet another clearcut,” said Read Island resident Lannie Keller of the Surge Narrows community, which managed to raise $150,000 inside of four months to protect 20 acres of forest earlier this year. And the community is working to buy another parcel with an important riparian zone to complement their recent acquisition and further protect Read Island’s ecologically sensitive areas. This time it’s a spot where the forest intersects with streams and swampy areas critical to salmon and amphibian habitat. “There is a remaining 128 acres of wetland and mature trees in middle of the island, which would extend our protected area in a lovely and significant way,” said Lannie, who along with husband Ralph, sparked the community’s most recent efforts to conserve their forests. Approximately 80 residents […]


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