A modified diesel truck at the Diesel Sellerz lot in Woods Cross on June 14, 2018. SALT LAKE CITY — The Diesel Brothers reality TV stars must pay $848,000 for modifying, marketing and selling pickup trucks with emission control defeat devices installed, a judge has ruled. U.S. District Judge Robert Shelby also issued a permanent injunction barring the Diesel Brothers from further violations, which he said stemmed from unlawful operations that still are economically enriching the defendants. Those benefits continue, Shelby said in his ruling issued late Friday, “extending well beyond the profits from these prohibited activities to defendants’ status as television and social media celebrities, the reputation and notoriety of their brands, and the economic leverage they have used to accumulate assets and start new businesses.” The ruling detailed about 400 violations in which the defendants bypassed systems designed to reduce emissions of particulate matter and nitrogen oxides from diesel vehicles. Most of the $848,000 must be paid to the U.S. Treasury, according to Clean Air Act guidelines that allow citizens to file civil enforcement actions against polluters. But Shelby further ruled that $90,000 will go to the Davis County Tampered Diesel Truck Restoration Program. A diesel pickup […]


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