Adobe Stock The constant barrage of bad news facing the environment today can be extremely anxiety inducing, especially for those who live in communities that will be, and have been, affected by global warming and inclement weather. As we try and move through our everyday lives, it can be difficult to maintain a healthy state of mind when so many things feel out of our control. As I struggled to face my eco-anxiety, these were some of the biggest lessons I learned that may help you too. Know that you’re not alone, and hopefully these tips can help you move past the anxiety and focus on making a positive environmental difference. 1. No more living in the black and white. Zero waste, zero carbon footprint, zero environmental impact, veganism, etc. are all very strict and very rigid guidelines that I’ve taken almost too literally. Once in my life I had gotten to a point of almost zero waste, but at the extreme expense of my sanity and my well being. At every company, I started a recycling program where I would take the recycling for the whole company to the plant myself every week. I never accepted a job […]


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