While we at CleanTechnica tend to concentrate on electric cars, the EV revolution also involves all sorts of specialty vehicles like fork lifts , ferries , and police vehicles. The total numbers may be small compared to passenger car sales but the benefits to those smaller communities are just as valuable. Image credit: Volvo Penta In Norway, Gauldal Fire and Rescue in the city of Trøndelag has begun trials of a battery-electric emergency vehicle based on a Chinese-made Maxus EV 80 electric van . The specialized vehicle is ideal for rescue mission inside the long tunnels that permeate the Norwegian landscape — an environment that does not favor vehicles that suck up precious air supplies to power internal combustion engines. Volvo Penta just announced it has been working with Rosenbauer, a European manufacturer of fire trucks, on the development of an electric drivetrain for those vehicles. Rosenbauer is far along in its plans to introduce a concept vehicle it calls “Revolutionary Technology” which will soon begin real-world customer testing with fire departments in Berlin, Amsterdam, and Dubai, according to a Volvo Penta press release . Aside from the usual advantages of an electric vehicle such as reduced expenses for […]


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