We just love hearing about EV conversions. This is an industry that promises to play a major role in accelerating the transition to electromobility. At the right scale and when applied to the right segments best fit for the target markets, what was once a niche product for collectors’ items such as restored classic cars and a badge of honor for a merry band of hobbyists could be a game changer. EV conversions will allow a broader consumer base to afford decent electric vehicles. The transition to electromotility is happening much faster than we thought . Affordable mass EV conversions will put this transition into Ludicrous mode. A French EV conversion firm, Phoenix Mobility , is looking to scale up its B2B fleet conversion business. Focusing on fleets on the B2B side makes a lot of sense for several reasons: It gives the best ROI (professionals use their vehicles more than private customers) and the TCO looks even better for higher mileage fleet operators. It gives the best environmental impact (they can convert whole fleets). It answers a legal problem where professionals are facing restrictions and regulations in a bid to cut emissions and need these kind of solutions […]


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