Ekoru.org is a search engine dedicated to saving the planet. The company donates 60% of revenue generated from clicks on sponsored search results to partner organizations who work on climate change issues. Presently, Ekoru has joined forces with Big Blue Ocean Cleanup , a non-profit that helps clean and protect the world’s oceans, and Operation Posidonia , a cutting-edge project by University of New South Wales which is reforesting oceans by replanting seagrass meadows that generate oxygen and trap CO2. In addition, Ekoru’s servers are powered by hydro-electricity, so every search is environmentally friendly. Ati Bakush and Alison Lee are the husband-wife team who founded Ekoru. Founded by husband-wife team Ati Bakush and Alison Lee, who live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with their four children ages 10 and under, Ekoru is supported by a virtual, global team. Bakush, who is Australian, has a background in developing software for telecommunications and internet service providers. Lee, who is from Malaysia, has enjoyed a career in marketing and communications and was a country marketing manager for Nike. The couple decided to combine their respective areas of expertise in order to build Ekoru, with the intention of making the world a better place. […]


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