(Sködt McNalty/CBC) Hello, Earthlings! This is our weekly newsletter on all things environmental, where we highlight trends and solutions that are moving us to a more sustainable world. ( Sign up here to get it in your inbox every Thursday.) This week: Eating wild plants is a ‘world that needs to be rediscovered’ How Italy is protecting a northern glacier Waterton Lakes National Park’s amazing recovery from the 2017 wildfire Eating wild plants is a ‘world that needs to be rediscovered’ (Forij Thrills) Many of us look forward to sinking our teeth into fresh tomatoes or lettuce from our gardens. But there are lots of edible plants around us that most of us either haven’t noticed or never thought of eating. Julie Walker thinks we should. She’s the owner and program director of Full Circle Adventures , a company that offers edible plant walks in Calgary parks. She has run foraging outings for local chefs and landowners, and is now involved in wild food gardening. As a hiking guide and outdoor educator, Walker noticed that people enjoyed the natural landscapes but knew very little about the greenery around them. Many had “no appreciation” of the value of nature “until […]


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