When a top notch solar cell equipment supplier starts actually making solar cells, anything can happen. If all goes according to plan, another next-generation photovoltaic breakthrough is in the works and the cost of solar power will keep going down, down, down. Meyer Burger solar technology centre in Thun, Switzerland 21_Office_1221 (photo via Meyer Burger). Wait, Who Is Meyer Burger And What Is Kerf Loss? The solar power supplier in question is Switzerland-based Meyer Burger Technology Ltd., which lays claim to setting the standard for equipment used by many of the world’s PV manufacturers . “A large proportion of the solar modules produced world-wide today are based on technologies developed by Meyer Burger,” the company states. The laundry list of high tech equipment includes a diamond-wire saw for solar wafers , which hit the market back in 2014. Meyer Burger tailored the saw specifically for brittle materials like crystalline silicon. The high-precision saw enables manufacturer to push out high quality wafers with fewer rejects at faster speeds, which is a good thing in terms of pushing costs down. That’s where the thing about kerf loss comes in. Kerf is the extra material you lose when you cut or saw […]


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