They’re at the vanguard of the movement Sierra’ s July/August “ Green Beats ” article introduced readers to the small but growing genre of eco-hip-hop, forged by artists bent on spreading environmental advocacy through music. Eco-hip-hop is doing what rap has been doing for decades, according to Nathan Oglesby of Nate & Hila (one of the groups profiled in the piece)—"bringing people together and sharing ideas through unadulterated poetry.” Sierra recently sat down with Oglesby and his partner, Hila Perry, to learn more about their artistic mission—and to check out the New York City–based pair’s playful music videos. *** Sierra : What were you doing before you found eco-hip-hop? Nate: We were each doing our own thing. I was doing abstract philosophical rap , less directive and more sprawling. It was hyper-intellectual without an object. Hila: I was doing body-positive, sexual and body humor songs and performances. For example, I did a song called “ Body Hair .” Why the pivot to ecology and the planet? Nate: For me, it just felt like a necessity, even from a philosophical standpoint. I have an academic background, and my dissertation was about viewing the cosmos as a living organism. The idea […]


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