‘It’s high time the government takes its lead from the public and introduces a scheme that will give us the best chance to combat litter and plastic pollution once and for all.’ A landmark poll has revealed that people in Britain support an ‘all-in’ deposit return scheme model with a variable deposit. Some 84 percent of the UK public believes that all drinks containers should be included in the Government’s proposed scheme – up from 69 percent in May last year. Almost four-in-five believe that the scheme should have a variable deposit – a departure from the Government’s consultation where some 57 percent favoured a flat deposit level. Deposit The UK Government has committed to introducing a deposit return scheme covering England, Wales and Northern Ireland in 2023. Campaigners believe an ‘all-in’ scheme with a variable deposit is key to tackling Britain’s waste crisis. They argue a comprehensive scheme capturing as many materials as possible will be easier for consumers to understand and is the most effective model for reducing waste. The Scottish Government passed legislation in May to introduce its ‘all-in’ deposit return scheme in 2022. Campaigners have warned the flat deposit could make it more economical for […]


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