An alliance of more than 70 conservation, farming and land management organisations is lobbying the Morrison government to dedicate $4bn of stimulus spending to employ more than 50,000 people to help repair the environment. According to a report by professional services firm Ernst & Young commissioned by the groups, it could create 53,000 jobs over four years planting trees, removing weeds and restoring rivers, wetlands and coastal habitats. It is estimated it would reduce welfare costs by about $620m and increase economic output by about $5.7bn. It is the latest of several analyses to have found there is a strong economic case for post-Covid stimulus measures to be designed to also help the environment. Australia could create hundreds of thousands of jobs by accelerating shift to zero emissions – report Read more A government spokesman said it had been talking with the non-profit organisation Pew Charitable Trusts , which has organised the push, and welcomed the release of the report. The groups behind it hope it will help persuade the government to back a conservation and land management program in the October budget. They say it would provide safe and socially beneficial work at a time of rapidly rising […]


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