Norman, Oklahoma, mayor Breea Clark has to fight for every damn thing I like to joke that Norman, Oklahoma, cares about three things: animals, recycling, and trees. Those are the issues that people here get fired up about. When our city council made Norman the first city in Oklahoma to commit to 100 percent renewable electricity by 2035, the community was all for it. We moved to Norman in 2005 from Wichita, Kansas, and started our family while I was in law school at the University of Oklahoma. I was new to Norman and didn’t know anybody. But after I passed the bar exam, I decided to get involved in my community. Former mayor Cindy Rosenthal encouraged me to apply for city boards and commissions. After I’d served on two boards and as president of the PTA, she asked if I’d consider running for city council. Halfway through my second term, then-mayor Lynne Miller asked if I’d consider running for mayor, because she wasn’t running again. So there are two common themes in my leadership story: One is I have a hard time saying no. The other is that strong women in leadership have encouraged me all the way. […]


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