Cost savings for electric vehicles are based on many factors, like electricity prices and gasoline prices. Credit: Matthew Staver/NREL Inside Clean Energy The promise of saving money could be an essential part of nudging the public to begin driving all-electric cars and trucks. But it’s not easy to figure out the differences in costs between an EV and a model that runs on gasoline. The calculation needs to include the cost of the vehicle, maintenance, insurance and, of course, fuel. So I took notice of a paper in the journal Joule that does a comprehensive estimate of fuel costs during the 15-year life of an EV compared to a gasoline model, with specifics for each state. The authors, researchers at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and Idaho National Laboratory, found that a driver of an all-electric vehicle could save money in all 50 states, based on the main scenario the researchers used in the study as the basis for their calculations, but that there were huge differences in the level of savings. This ranges from a high of $12,048 in cumulative savings in Nevada (about $800 per year) to a low of $4,571 in Massachusetts (about $300 per year) […]


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