Transport & Environment has a new report out that shows electric cars can be cheaper for Uber drivers to use than diesel cars in many European capital cities, including Paris, Madrid, Lisbon, and Berlin. In particular, the study found that medium-sized (C-segment) cars — like the Nissan LEAF, Volkswagen e-Golf, and Volkswagen ID.3 — cost approximately 14% less on average than their diesel counterparts. In Paris, the savings were up to 24%, coming to savings of about €3,000 per year . The findings assume overnight slow charging and/or “fast charging at preferential rates.” A statement from Transport & Environment noted, “The taxi and ride-hailing markets are best positioned to go fully electric first. The economics of EVs — more expensive to buy but a lot cheaper to run — match perfectly with high-mileage, low-margin businesses like ride-hailing and taxis. Uber-type drivers can do up to five times more kilometers than an average motorist.” Indeed. We run a fair number of TCO (total cost of ownership) analyses here on CleanTechnica , and one of the general rules is, the more you drive, the more you save if you switch to electric. As you can see in the chart above, overnight […]


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