3D printed house Prvok 3D printing is gathering speed across a number of industries, from construction to biology , there are a number of objects, big and small, that can now be 3D printed. Now, a team in the Czech Republic has designed and developed a 3D printed house that not only reduces carbon emissions by 20% but is also ready in just 48 hours . It’s a cozy size, it looks great, and it floats — what more could you need? Sustainability focused You may be surprised to hear that the construction industry gives off 39% of the world’s carbon emissions, while the aviation industry "only" contributes 2%. If building materials and strategies aren’t changed rapidly, these will continue to have a significant impact on our planet and climate change. Inside Prvok, Source : Prvok With this in mind, the team of two who started the Prvok project decided to design and develop a 3D printed 43 square meter home that floats. The main team consists of Michal Trpak, a sculptor, and Stavebni Sporitelna Ceske Sporitelny, who is a member of the Erste building society. The bedroom, Source: Prvok Ready in 48 hours makes the house seven times […]


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