Reuseable drink containers on the counter at a Starbucks store in Singapore. The coffee chain has stopped accepting customers’ own containers, citing the risk of spread of the Covid-19. Image: Robin Hicks/Eco-Business Reuseable containers such as carrier bags, lunchboxes and water bottles do not pose a viral contagion risk if basic hygiene rules are followed, more than 100 health experts and scientists have said. Their statement , released on Monday, sought to reassure consumers and retailers that bring-your-own (BYO) container schemes are not a public health threat, and can still be used as an alternative to disposables. The Covid-19 pandemic has led to a resurgence in single-use plastic waste as countries rescinded plastic bans and retailers scrapped BYO schemes. Lockdowns and heightened hygiene measures have led to a sharp increase in food delivery trash and disposable personal protective equipment use. Environmental groups including Greenpeace have said the plastics industry has exploited the crisis by lobbying against bans on single-use plastic, claiming that disposable plastic products help stop the spread of the virus. The statement, signed by 115 scientists from 18 countries including Taiwan, the Philippines and Malaysia, said reusable systems can be used safely by employing basic hygiene such […]


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