Lately, a few owls have been going viral without putting any effort into it. All they had to do was take a nap! Yes, they did it face down. Yes, they looked unbelievably cute and as if they just got back from a night of heavy drinking at the same time. And yes, probably 99% of people wouldn’t even have known about it if it wasn’t for the internet… OK, maybe their popularity is perfectly reasonable; maybe I’m just jealous of it. Journalist Mark Rees is responsible for arguably the most successful sleeping owl PR campaign. A pic he tweeted has received over 119K likes, catapulting the series to Internet stardom on all sorts of platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Imgur, and, of course, Reddit. Continue scrolling and check out the irresistible birds that everyone is obsessing over for yourself. Chances are, you’ll release at least a dozen "w" worth of "aww". fs_harajukuinfo Report


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