Charoen Pokphand Foods is one of the Thai food companies that have committed to cage-free egg production. Image: Charoen Pokphand Foods The vast majority of eggs consumed globally are laid by hens that spend their lives in cramped battery cages, unable to turn around, perch or lay their eggs in nests. Responding to consumers who want better animal welfare standards for the hens, more food companies such as retailer Tesco have pledged to sell or use cage-free eggs in recent years. Supply needs to catch up, but rolling out cage-free systems, where hens are able to spread their wings and display other natural behaviours, is not a straightforward task. “If there’s anything that needs to be changed in the system, it’s capacity building,” said Jayasimha Nuggehalli, chief operating officer of consulting firm Global Food Partners. To ramp up the knowledge and skills needed to roll out cage-free systems in Asia, Global Food Partners and Aeres University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands have teamed up to establish a training centre in Indonesia for Asian egg farmers. Their goal is to set up a model farm at an Indonesian university or vocational training centre to train students as well as […]


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