A new electric-hybrid waterjet propulsion system is being released by New Zealand’s HamiltonJet – who invented the jet boat as we know it in 1954, almost 70 years ago. The company now makes waterjets for just about every conceivable type of boat and purpose: recreational, aquaculture, fire, search and rescue, military, ferry…so this venture into electric waterjet propulsion is very noteworthy. “Industry abuzz with talk of electrification” HamiltonJet is obviously committed to the coming era of propulsion, with a new electric-hybrid waterjet section on their website and a downloadable brochure that starts off by saying ‘The marine industry is abuzz with talk of electrification.” HamiltonJet CEO Ben Reed says the company has been collaborating on a large number of electric hybrid projects around the globe, becoming specialist integrators for hybrid electric technologies and leading to the design of this product, known as EHX. “When it comes to hybrid electric solutions we know one size definitely does not fit all,” he says. “That’s why we’ve created a system that’s scalable to individual vessel projects. Motors, battery capacity and components are all specifically selected based on bespoke need. It means we can ensure the very best outcome for the lowest cost.” […]


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