JasonVogel /ikimedia Commons With more than 425,000 electric buses on the roads world-wide, four Canadian manufacturers with customers across the continent, and transit agencies in Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto, and Laval adding the vehicles to their fleets, there’s still time for the country to hop onboard a growing international trend, Clean Energy Canada concludes in a report issued this week. But with vehicle procurement cycles that run 12 to 18 years, and the federal government’s post-pandemic stimulus package still taking shape, it’ll take a deliberate effort to tap a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reshape our public transportation systems, making them both safer and less polluting,” the Vancouver-based think tank states . Like this story? Subscribe to The Energy Mix and never miss an edition of our free e-digest. “This pandemic has demonstrated how essential transit is to our cities, whether it’s helping essential workers get to their jobs or helping Canadians get to supermarkets or pharmacies. But this essential service is facing extreme challenges as efforts to contain the virus mean more people are working from home,” Clean Energy Canada adds, based on a survey of two dozen transit experts and stakeholders from across the country. “Modernizing and electrifying bus fleets […]


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