In the US, renewables are expected to see fifty times as much net capacity added in the next three years as nuclear and fossil fuels combined. Wind turbines in the desert (Photo by Dennis Schroeder | NREL, Public Domain) I was recently stunned by something I really should have noticed a week ago but had not. Every month or so I take a look at the postings of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to see what they say is going on. In particular, I look at the reports on energy infrastructure. Every month or so seems to have turned out to be not often enough. I was running through proofreading materials for Green Energy Times (GET), when I found an item from the SUN DAY Campaign (SDC) that was to be published. I ran through it rather quickly, because I knew it had been proofread at least twice already. Suddenly, I was struck by this paragraph, which refers to expected capacity installations considered to have “high probability” by FERC: “In total, the mix of all renewables will add more than 53 gigawatts (GW) of net new generating capacity to the nation’s total by April 2023. That is nearly […]


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