SEATTLE—Amazon has attracted new allies for The Climate Pledge that founder and CEO Jeff Bezos announced last September. Indian information technology consulting giant Infosys, U.S. wireless market share leader Verizon and U.K. consumer goods manufacturer Reckitt Benckiser Group (RB) signed the pledge, which calls on companies to eliminate or offset all greenhouse gas emissions by 2040. The three large companies, based on three continents and in three very different industries, illustrate the range of challenges and corporate approaches to the climate emergency , which continues amid widespread protests against systemic racism and a global pandemic — both adding urgency and complexity to the climate response. Through these unprecedented challenges, Amazon has “stayed the course” on the pledge, according to Kara Hurst, Amazon vice-president and head of worldwide sustainability. Each Amazon business unit is developing internal goals to decarbonize, she said via email. Business leaders are given emissions information “so they can incorporate that into their decision-making.” The addition of new signatories to The Climate Pledge “will drive a new wave of investments and development of innovative low carbon products and services that will be required to meet their commitments,” Hurst said in a corporate blog post. But even as […]


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