The Return – trailer from Marina Dodis on Vimeo . Trailer for The Return . Marina Dodis didn’t have far to go to make her documentary short The Return . DOXA Fest Films Ask: ‘What Does Hope Look Like?’ The feeling has many faces as Vancouver’s documentary film festival moves online. Catch it from anywhere in BC starting June 18. The Still Creek salmon run was only a few blocks from her house in East Vancouver. When Dodis heard a CBC news story about the reappearance of salmon in the heart of her neighbourhood, she jumped on her bike and rode over to check it out. The filmmaker was surprised to see wild salmon in the midst of such a densely urban environment, surrounded by pavement, transit lines and big box stores like Canadian Tire. “It was miraculous,” she says. She wasn’t alone in this revelation. Many people had worked hard to make the return happen. “Here were all these people falling in love with fish.” Although “salmon aren’t the cuddliest of creatures,” Dodis says, people seemed innately drawn to them. Maybe because of the inherent drama of their journey from the open ocean back to the tiny streams […]


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