Drivers of electric cars are to be given green number plates that could allow them to use bus lanes and park for free. Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said the plates will be introduced from autumn as part of a £1.5billion drive to stimulate the economy by accelerating zero emission motoring. The plates will feature a green band on the side that can be recognised by automatic number plate recognition cameras which monitor bus lanes. Benefits could include free or cheaper parking, permission to use bus lanes and free entry into low-emission areas, such as the London congestion charge zone. Hybrid vehicles will not qualify. Ministers hope the perks will encourage motorists to go electric by turning green plates into a sought-after status symbol. The move is intended to offer a shot in the arm for Britain’s auto industry which has been crippled by the coronavirus crisis. Boris Johnson is also said to be considering a scrappage scheme offering motorists up to £6,000 to ditch petrol or diesel cars for an electric vehicle. However, motoring groups have warned the incentives could fuel resentment among petrol and diesel owners who are unable to afford the high up-front cost of zero emission […]


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