Megalogomphus superbus Fraser, endemic to the Western Ghats, has been photographed for the first time in nine decades Last week, a photograph of a dragonfly in grass-green, yellow and reddish-brown colour and bottle-green eyes trended on odonate forums in India. It is the first time this species, Megalogomphus superbus Fraser, has been caught on camera and naturalists Ravindran Kamatchi and S Gopala Krishnan achieved this feat during a birding outing at a farm near Coimbatore. “It was a fantastic day of birding at the Kallar garden in Mettupalayam,” says Ravindran. “We saw the rarely spotted lyrical white-rumped shama, a resident bird of the Western Ghats locally called solaipaadi. Also a yellow-browed bulbul, lesser yellownape woodpecker and Tickell’s blue flycatcher. Later, we walked to a nearby stream. Gopala Krishnan alerted me when he saw an unusual dragonfly, much bigger in size than usual, perched on a shrub. We just went click, click, click.” Later, when they posted it on the WhatsApp group ‘Odonates of the Western Ghats’, they learnt that it was indeed a thrillingly rare discovery. Scottish botanist Fraser F C, who worked on Odonates in India, described this dragonfly as the most beautiful species in the book, Fauna […]


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