Sustainability shouldn’t be a squeeze on the bottom line — it can add to your business profitability. Business leaders are committed to doing their part for the planet, but they can’t afford to disrupt their operations. Not only can you improve profits, but 92 percent of consumers also say they’re more likely to trust a company that supports social and environmental causes. The key is taking small steps. Here are some great ways to start making your company more sustainable: 1. Recycle Ruthlessly About 75 percent of the solid waste that we throw away is recyclable. The reason a lot of people don’t recycle more is that it takes a little planning. What if your city doesn’t do single-stream, curbside recycling? Take matters into your own hands: Take inventory of what your business throws away and what’s recyclable. Research and connect with a local recycler. Station recycling bins throughout your office. Create a collection routine. Appoint a team member to set out the recycling, take questions, and communicate with the recycler. Go one step further and commit to a company-wide initiative. For example, opportunity platform Nu Skin recently committed to building a network of zero-waste facilities. “We’re working to […]


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