The island might feature power-to-gas as a storage technique to utilize high volumes of wind generation, said Rasmussen. The North Sea is home to a sophisticated network of gas pipelines, which could help bring wind-generated gas to countries around Europe. “A part of this work will be to include power-to-gas technology and other storage technologies,” he said. “What, when [and] how much is what we will look into further. It is too early to go into details.” was due this month to become the first commercial partner in a venture — unveiled in June 2016 by Dutch TSO TenneT — to build an island serving between 70 and 100 gigawatts of offshore wind capacity, along with island-based solar generation. Also involved in the agreement is TenneT’s German subsidiary, which manages transmission infrastructure from the north coast down to the southeast border of Germany. The proposed North Sea Wind Power Hub is seen as “an important next step towards accomplishing…the 2050 climate goals formulated in the Paris Agreement ( COP21 ),” wrote TenneT in a press release this month. “Discussions with other potential partners are ongoing, which not only include other North Sea TSOs but also other [infrastructure] companies. […]


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