Researchers at the National University of Singapore have come up with a new way to harvest energy: creating electricity out of shadows. The so-called "shadow-effect energy generator" produces an electric current when part of the device lies in shadows, just as the name suggests. When you consider the solar panel , you likely conjure images of vast open fields, covered in rows upon rows of solar cells, harvesting precious energy from the sun. But what if we could shift that paradigm between passive green energy and the sun? That’s what scientists from the National University of Singapore have set out to do. They’ve devised a "shadow-effect energy generator" that quite literally turns darkness into light, meaning we could collect energy in even the tightest spaces, from a windowsill to that patch of grass in your background that only sees partial sunlight. Rooftop Solar Panels To do this, the generator "scavenges the illumination contrast that arises on the device from shadow castings, and generates a direct current, simply by placing a part of the generator in shadow," the researchers write in their paper, which appears in the journal Energy & Environmental Science. Traditional solar panels do technically work in the […]


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