Credit: Craig Easton Getty Images Learning to swim, in a pool in the Florida Keys, was pure joy. I was five and reveled in blowing bubbles and doing cannonballs. A few years later, when I learned to swim in the ocean, the vibe was different, not purely playful. The mantra was: never turn your back on the ocean. Because, I was warned, you need to keep an eye on the waves, to avoid getting pummeled, or worse. I was taught to navigate undertows and rip currents, to respect the power of the sea. As an adult, I re-learned this lesson of the ocean’s dangerous power watching climate change-fueled hurricanes smash into coastlines, and reading the science of sea level rise. But while we might respect the sea’s capacity to upend and rend lives and communities, what we have turned our backs on is its power to heal . This too we neglect at our peril. I don’t mean the ocean’s ability to heal us emotionally , although we should probably make better use of that in these wild times. The healing power we most need to harness is the ocean as a source of climate solutions . This is […]


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