University of Oxford’s Natalie Chung believes that we shouldn’t wait around for a total upheaval of the current systems to act but instead learn to add new values to existing systems. Image: Natalie Chung Back in 2015, after learning that air travel accounted for more than 25 per cent of carbon emissions per capita in Hong Kong, Natalie Chung realised how much her travels abroad contributed to climate change. An equally puzzling fact for Chung was that this figure was not captured in government data as the carbon emissions of international flights were considered cross-boundary emissions. In her first year of university, she started V’air , a platform dedicated to showcasing different scenic attractions in Hong Kong, to promote local tourism as an alternative to getaways. Five years on and V’air has grown to become an environmental education organisation that organises eco-tours to country parks, rural areas and green facilities around the city. The team also coordinates outreach programmes that encourage participants to interact with and learn more about local ecology. Chung quickly learnt that the first step to environmental education is exposure to the natural environment. “If you’ve never been to a country park, how would you have […]


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