A Nikola Two semi hauls beer from an Anheuser-Busch brewery in Saint Louis. Nikola, a maker of hydrogen- and battery-powered semis, is set to trade shares on Nasdaq NDAQ this week after investors approved its reverse merger with VectoIQ. With plans to shake up commercial trucking with zero-emission vehicles and fuel, it’s the most audacious Wall Street debut for a high-tech transportation startup since Tesla’s a decade ago. Shares of the combined new company start trading Thursday with the ticker NKLA. The reverse merger with publicly traded VectoIQ, an acquisition firm created by former General Motors GM Vice Chairman Steve Girsky , was announced March 3 , just ahead of the Covid-19 shutdown. Girsky, who was a long-time auto industry analyst before joining GM, becomes a Nikola board member and will be an advisor to the Phoenix-based company. “We’re full steam ahead,” says Nikola founder Trevor Milton , who’s giving up his CEO role with the merger to become executive chairman. Production of electric Nikola Tre trucks starts in Europe in 2021 with partner CNH/Iveco , with some units to be exported to the U.S., ahead of the opening of Nikola’s U.S. factory that will build both battery and […]


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