© Alchemy Architects Way back in the early days of TreeHugger our first writer, Meaghan O’Neill, wrote about the Wee House , with a wee photo and a wee paragraph. Around that time I was in the prefab biz and met Steve Glenn, who was just starting Living Homes; we covered it when the photos were just a bit bigger. He and Geoffrey Warner, founder of Alchemy Achitects and entrepreneur behind the weeHouse, are both true pioneers in modern prefab and tiny living, and are still at it. Now they are working together, and have introduced a line of wee accessory dwelling units (ACUs) ranging from 310 to 600 square feet, and inspired by the weeHouse. Plant Prefab founder Steve Glenn says in the press release: Since Alchemy has long been an expert in designing for prefabricated building methods and a pioneer in sustainable design, and we’ve already completed two projects together, it was easy for us to partner together to offer a set of unique, ultra-efficient, standard LivingHomes for the market. Geoffrey Warner ripostes: Having worked together to build two prior homes in California, we’re confident that Plant Prefab is the right partner to bring our ADU designs […]


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