The southwest German town of Wertheim is known for its medieval town center, proximity to the Tauber River, and the 12th century Wertheim Castle. Now, it is the location for something much more modern, a group of 21 prefabricated micro-apartments built out of recycled freight shipping containers. Thanks to Containerwerk, a local building firm that specializes in upgrading used shipping containers with a new and unique insulation process, the My Home housing project offers a sustainable alternative to traditional building techniques. The container apartments are targeted towards business travelers and tourists looking for flexible living spaces more akin to actual homes than standard hotel rooms. Additionally, as Wertheim companies include ten global market leaders, the property provides more comfortable accommodation options for business employees and consultants traveling for work. Each module is energy-efficient and finished at the Containerwerk factory as ready-to-connect apartments with only the roofing elements and facade added on-site. Building plots were prepared with connections and strip foundations (leaving the site able to be fully deconstructed in the future with less impact on the land) while the units were being built at the factory, significantly cutting down the total project time. To fit the modern structures in […]


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