Packing people into metal tubes is a very efficient way of moving them from Point A to Point B efficiently. It is also a great way to make sure infectious diseases are transmitted from one to another. Cities rely on buses, trams, and subways, but the coronavirus has caused many to rethink the whole idea of public transportation in an age where pandemics are a constant threat. KIA is one company that has considered the future and it thinks inexpensive, ultra-compact, short range electric cars may be a viable alternative to public transportation. Emilio Herrera, chief operating officer of KIA Motors Europe, tells Auto Express his company has noticed the increase in the use of private vehicles since the coronavirus pandemic began. “People want to feel safe today. We saw that very clearly from a survey that was done after coronavirus in China, which showed people had moved from public transportation to private transportation. That was very clear — 34 per cent of private use before the crisis to 65 per cent. So 65 per cent of people in China would choose their private car. The reason is because they feel safe in their car and they feel unsafe […]


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