A group of companies worth a combined $2.4 trillion have added their voice to a growing chorus calling for the economic recovery from the coronavirus to be green.

Adobe Inc., Unilever NV and more than 150 other companies have signed a statement asking officials to ensure their response to the pandemic is “grounded in bold climate action” and to prioritize moving to “a green economy by aligning policies and recovery plans with the latest climate science.”

Governments around the world are preparing rescue packages worth trillions of dollars, and the choices they make on how to spend this will have an impact on the environment for decades to come. Demands for a green recovery have already come from institutional investors, global financial institutions, and officials in finance ministries and central banks.

“Climate change will continue, regardless of Covid,” said Annica Bresky, president and chief executive officer of Stora Enso Oyj, a Finnish paper and packaging company that signed the statement. “We should use this opportunity that we have been given when restarting and recovering the economy to have the strategies in place that align with climate goals.”


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