White stork chicks have hatched in the wild in the UK for the first time in centuries. Eggs in one of three nests at the Knepp estate in West Sussex have hatched, the White Stork Project announced. Observers watched as the parents incubated the nest of five eggs in an oak tree. They were seen removing eggshells from the nest and regurgitating food for the chicks. It came after the same pair of white storks unsuccessfully tried to breed at Knepp last year. Lucy Groves, project officer for the White Stork Project, said it was the first time in hundreds of years that wild white stork chicks have hatched in the UK. She said: “After waiting 33 days for these eggs to hatch it was extremely exciting to see signs that the first egg had hatched on 6 May. The parents have been working hard and are doing a fantastic job, especially after their failed attempt last year. “It is incredible to have the first white stork chicks hatch in the wild for hundreds of years here at Knepp. “These are early days for the chicks, and we will be monitoring them closely, but we have great hopes for […]


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