You no longer have to compromise your values to enjoy your favourite protein shake or smoothie. Pontus Water Lentils is a Vancouver-based agriculture tech company that specializes in the sustainable production of plant-based proteins. Born out of CTO Steve McArthur’s theory that “using a vertically growing aquaponics system could minimize the land footprint needed to produce an abundance of food,” the first sustainable greenhouse prototype began operating in 2015, supplying fresh produce to grocery stores and restaurants in Victoria, BC. Fast forward five years later, and Pontus is raising capital to fund a bigger production facility in Delta, BC. The Vancouver farm currently combines hydroponics (plants grown in water) with aquaculture (fish farming). The closed-loop aquaponics system uses only 5% of the water requires for traditional agricultural practices. Connor Yuen, CEO of Pontus Water Lentils, is optimistic about future company growth,“This is not a game changer. It’s a new game. And that’s why at Pontus we can confidently say we are reinventing agriculture.” Pontus has purchased the global IP for their proprietary CEVAS™ (Controlled Environment Vertical Aquaponics System™) which uses machine learning and AI to measure and manage over 25 farm environment variables to optimize growing conditions, improve nutrient […]


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