Getty The Economist’s regular cartoonist, KAL , summed it up neatly in his cartoon last week : the battle humanity is waging against the coronavirus is only the preliminary round, and after that, we have a much bigger and stronger opponent waiting for us, called the climate emergency . That some people still may think that something as objectively and scientifically proven is still up for debate could be seen as one of the greatest achievements of the fossil fuel industry. It’s not . It’s the greatest threat to human life . Pollution affects us all, very much so. In addition to being responsible for some seven million deaths annually , it makes us more vulnerable to all kinds of respiratory diseases, including, of course, those caused by viruses such as SARS-CoV-2 , which could also become seasonal and repetitive. Not only do we know that we need to fix this problem: we also know that not doing so is killing us, and we now have a pressing example of this. Electricity generated by fossil fuels accounts for 25% of harmful emissions in the world , while manufacturing and transport, also big consumers, are responsible for 21% and 14% […]


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