The Sierra Club is putting forth a nearly $6 trillion, 10-year stimulus plan that aims to create millions of jobs in both traditional infrastructure and clean energy. The group commissioned a report from economists at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, which was shared first with The Hill. The report proposes a plan for creating 4.6 million jobs to upgrade infrastructure annually and another 4.5 million jobs to transition to a clean energy economy annually. “Congress needs to enact a plan for economic renewal, not a return to the unjust status quo,” Ben Beachy, the director of the Sierra Club’s Living Economy Program, told The Hill. “Congress needs to enact a forward-looking stimulus package that would put millions of people back to work while building an economy that supports cleaner air and water, higher wages, healthier communities, greater equity and a more stable climate,” Beachy said. The traditional infrastructure jobs included in the proposal would be for improving roads, schools, public parks and recreation and other areas. The clean energy and agriculture jobs are in areas such solar and wind energy, energy efficiency and land restoration. The report follows the House’s passage of a $3 trillion stimulus package earlier this […]


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