© Building e-bikes at Gazelle/ EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP via Getty Images This is where there should be some serious subsidy, to help get people out of cars. We recently noted that "e-bikes are eating the bike market" and might help deal with the coronavirus crisis by providing an alternative to crowded transit. However, in the longer term, they could well be key for dealing with the climate crisis. A new study titled "E-bike carbon savings – how much and where?" from The Centre for Research in Energy Demand Solutions (CREDS) in the UK concludes that e-bikes could cut carbon emissions from transportation in half, which seems obvious if you can get people to ride them instead of driving gasoline-powered cars. The question is who and how. But much more interesting is another finding that contradicts North American sentiments: The greatest opportunities are in rural and suburban settings: city dwellers already have many low-carbon travel options, so the greatest impact would be on encouraging use outside urban areas. People in big cities can cover short distances on foot, bike, or transit; they have options. In the suburbs, where distances are greater, it is not so simple. That’s where e-bikes come into […]


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