OmniMeat Luncheon is a plant-based alternative to luncheon meat. Image: OmniFoods Vegans can now have their luncheon meat and eat it. Two years after launching OmniPork, a vegan alternative for pork, Hong Kong-headquartered Green Monday Holdings’ OmniFoods launched OmniMeat Luncheon on Monday (18 May). Conventional luncheon meat is typically made of pork and better known in some places as Spam, which was invented in 1937 and eaten by American soldiers during World War II. It is now a popular canned food, with about 1.1 billion cans sold worldwide in 2019, including at least 400 million cans in the Asia-Pacific, said OmniFoods, citing data from Global Info Research. But processed meat such as bacon, ham and luncheon meat elevate the risk of colorectal cancer and medical experts have advised consuming as little processed meat as possible. In the wake of African swine fever, which decimated the farmed pig population, pork prices also rose . And amid reports of the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus linked to meat facilities in the United States and some European countries, labour standards in the meat industry have also been “unexpectedly” revealed, said David Yeung, founder of the Green Monday Group. OmniFoods—whose research and development […]


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