Gardening was an integral part of life for many of our ancestors in generations past, but today, most of us get all of our food at large supermarkets and spend very little time thinking about where it actually comes from, or how it’s grown. This, unfortunately, has been passed down to our children, and today’s kids are very disconnected from the land and their food. There are some schools, however, who are trying to change that. The Waldorf School The Waldorf School of Cape Cod has a 24 by 48-foot hoop house on their school property, wherein the children, along with adults, plant and harvest crops such as carrots, spinach, kale, and other vegetables. The program teaches students the process that is required for a seed to become a ripe fruit or vegetable, and in turn, they learn the benefits of growing your own food. The greenhouse, which features a removable roof for the summer months to avoid overheating, devotes half of its space to an open area where students and teachers can congregate and learn. Every student in the school devotes some time each year to working in the greenhouse, but the third-grade students are always the weekly […]


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