Scientists are predicting that by the year 2050, the ocean may have more plastic than fish . While countries around the world are beginning to take a stand against single-use items and plastics in grocery stores, restaurants and retail chains, there are still measures that consumers can take within their very own households. The kitchen is one of the most notorious spots in the house for waste, whether it is food waste, excessive plastic usage or single-use materials. Swapping some of your everyday kitchen items with reusable or eco-friendly alternatives is a great way to get started on (or continue) your sustainable-living journey. Ditch paper towels One of the easiest eco-friendly kitchen swaps comes in the form of the humble paper towel roll. Usually stored right next to the sink or the stove, grabbing a sheet or two is almost second nature to those who spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Invest in a stack of high-quality, reusable microfiber cloths for cleaning instead of reaching for a paper towel every time, and switch out paper napkins or paper towels with reusable cloth napkins. Simply toss them in the laundry basket and reuse. Swap out plastic wrap Plastic […]


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