Image source: Sponsored Featured 11 Social shares Amazonian indigenous community wins 24-year lawsuit against illegal logging The Ashaninka people living in the Kampa do Rio Amônia Indigenous Reserve recently won a case in federal court against illegal logger groups in a historic end to a two-decade dispute. On April 1, 2020, the Prosecutor General of the Republic signed a settlement that guaranteed the tribe a compensation of nearly $3 million U.S. dollars and an official apology in reparations for cutting down thousands of mahogany, cedar and other tree species to supply the European furniture industry more than 40 years ago. Ashaninka traveling by boat to visit neighbors in Acre state, Brazil. It is thought that the traditionally semi-nomadic Ashaninka have lived for thousands of years in the Peruvian Selva Central, where the Andean foothills flatten out into the Amazonian rainforest. Today, the Ashaninka of Brazil number around 1,000, living mostly along the Amônia, Breu and Envira rivers, while the majority still lives in Peru. The total Ashaninka population is estimated at approximately 70,000. Source: MikeGoldwater/ Justice is served in twenty-four year logging dispute On April 1, 2020, the Prosecutor General of the Republic (of Brazil), Augusto Aras, signed […]


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